9600GT Hardware acceleration problem

This is my configuration:
Gigabyte ga31m-s2l
Core 2 Quad Q9400
Kingston 2x2 gb ram
Asus geforce 9600GT

I have a problem with this hardware acceleration. I've noticed when a enable hardware acceleration on youtube and testing this Nvidia PureVideo HD 1080p Test frames drops a lot. average is 14 fps. When I disable hardware acceleration the frames are great (30-31 fps), but not so good on other videos. The letters are problem.
I've tried with the new beta adobe flash player 10.1, but the same thing happened.
So next test was a furmark 3d and frames are 27 average on resolution 1650 x 1050 which is decent I think.

How can I watch nvidia test video with 30 frames with hardware acceleration enabled?
Do I have to set something in Nvidia control panel? Please help
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  1. Man, this is weird. I've just opened the video with hardware acceleration with mozilla firefox and its great (31fps). Well i guess google chrome 5 has problems :)
  2. Same problem here with 9600gt from gigabyte.....even with flash 10.2. Video frames are 17 max with GPU acceleration enabled. Without it and with the CPU taking the load 1080p video plays just fine on 25fps......I can't figure out the problem. Katest drivers win 7 x86. Everething set up properly. my 9600gt just can't start handling flash 1080p video.
  3. Old thread is dead thread.
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