How will these specs run modern games?

- Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300 Processor
- XFX GeForce 9800 GT 512MB
- 500 watts PSU

Will it run on medium settings with decent FPS?

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  1. It all depends on the resolution of the monitor and what games you intend to play. It's ability to play at maximum or high settings in any game will ALWAYS vary due to how different each game is.
  2. I agree with RazberryBandit It really depends on How you define "modern games" its quite vague if you can give the exact game titles you want to play and the entire specs of your system then we can give you a detailed answer. For now, i'm suspecting that your processor is holding back that GPU by a bit. Most modern games (ie. prototype, re5, crysis,MW2) require at least the mainstream core 2 duo processors to run effeciently. If you can specify the native resolution of your display as well as the details about your system then i will be able to assist you more accurately hope this helps. cheers!!!
  3. I had a similar system E5200 gtx260 and I ran all games 1680x1050 with low-medium settings for games like crysis and farcry to maxed setting for games like modern warfare 2.

    You should be able to run all modern games low to medium no problem. I sometimes had to lower my resolution, but the games were still playable.
  4. Source games will run on all max settings, while more modern games (Dragon Age: Origins, Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2, Call of duty, Crysis, Metro, etc..) will be forced to medium or lower settings. Even then it might be a stretch, as the 9800GT is only a little more powerful than an HD5670.
  5. 1440 by 900 is the resolution, will i be able to run modern games (e.g Crysis) with atleast 30 fps on medium settings?
  6. Thanks Shadow, how bout these:
    - Intel Core i5

    It will cost twice as much but is it worth it?
  7. Unifried said:
    Thanks Shadow, how bout these:
    - Intel Core i5

    It will cost twice as much but is it worth it?

    You haven't said anything about a budget so hears what i would do

    I would get an intel quad core at 2.66 ( i have this and it works very well)

    260 GTX will do good but if you have the cash go for the 5850...this will future proof your system for years to come
  8. Thanks, i think i'll stay with i5 but will get 5850 instead.
  9. Unifried said:
    Thanks, i think i'll stay with i5 but will get 5850 instead.

    You do realize that going to an i5 would require a new motherboard and ram as well? Right? Just making sure. A 5850, i5,P55 mobo, and 4GB DDR3 is going to run about $700 USD.

    Really your system should run most game within reason. Modern games are always hard to judge unless you have some benchmarks to go by. Modern Warefare 2 will run perfectly fine on your system, and probably cranked up for the most part. It uses the same engine as COD4 which is what, 3 years old and only DX9? However, Battlefield Bad Company 2 is DX9,10,11 depending on what hardware and OS you have. This is VERY CPU intensive and recommends a quad core. I can tell you from experience this game requires much more resources than MW2 and they weren't released that far apart from one another. So it will depend on what game you are referring to. The resolution you are playing at is relatively moderate so you so at the VERY least you would have to stick to low settings, but medium with AA and AF off is where you will probably find yourself most times.
  10. If you're in for games, don't bother with intel. AMD's phenom series if great for gaming, and matches or comes close to more expensive Intel solutions.

    A phenom II x955 or 965 will match an i7-870, and follow an 17-920. The better part of this is that motherboards for AMD are a lot cheaper, and you could afford an HD5870 with the money you save.

    785G -> $80
    4GB DDR3 -> $80
    HD5870 -> $400
    Phenom II x4 965 -> $160
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