My computer turned itself off and is not turning on again

Hey, I was playing a game yesterday that demands almost no computer power. I had been playing for a couple of hours when my pc suddenly shut down. I tried starting it again, and it lightened up, but the fans had a really low noise. They usually make a lot of noise during the start-up. No image was popping up on my screen and whatever. I've tried to vaccuum my computer inside and I've checked if all the parts and cables are plugged in. This usually is a solution for similar problems of mine.

Do anyone know what's wrong?
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  1. You full PC config would have helped you know. Otherwise how can you expect any suggestion or help?
    AMD ATHLON 6400+
    PSU 550W
    RADEON 3870x2
    3gb RAM
    Random fatal1ty soundcard
    ASUS m2n-e SLI
  3. PSU brand??

    Is your screen POST'ing? or even that screen is not coming up?

    Could be that your processor is dying! Too early to say that. Using a vacuum cleaner on a PC interior is a bit risky!
  4. No image on the screen popping up, and the fans aren't behavouring as normal, but all my LED lights and etc are working. It sounds like it's sleeping, lol. Well, as said, it's really noisy when I usually starts up, but it almost makes no sound now.

    The PSU brand is Silver Power and I believe it's 600w, not 550w.
  5. What exactly happens after you press the power button? How hard do you press it, how do you turn off the PC afterwards. What does it smell like. Take off the side, are the GPU fans turning? Are all the fans turning? The more details, the easier it'll be for someone who can't possibly be there to experience it themselves, to help.
  6. Seems to me it is a PSU fault.
  7. Do you have an extra power supply to test on it?

    Can you take out one of the video cards, and test each one individually?

    It sounds like the PSU, or the CPU to me. That's just a quick educated guess at the moment
  8. I press the power button like any normal person would do. All the fans are also working, but they don't go like WOOOOOOSH like under a normal start. They are like shhhh all the way now.

    The PSU brand is silver power.

    As said, all lights are working, every cable is plugged in and every component is plugged in properly.

    Most parts except my hard drive are about 2-3 years old, and they've also been working steady.
  9. There is a 4 pin power plug on the motherboard aside from the 20-24pin. Does your PSU have an extra 4 pin plug that you can switch with the one thats currently plugged into that part of the board?
  10. Okay, i tested now with a 450w PSU i had lying around. It worked properly, but it's to old so I don't have enough cables to give video card electricity. It says so on the screen. It looks like the PSU is dead then...

    Guess I got to buy a new one, 600w.

    Thanks for great help, guys.

    The circled part there I believe supplies power to the CPU. I'm thinking that the PSU is the problem, and the cord going to that 4 pin socket is the problem with the PSU, if that cord is the only problem, maybe you'll get lucky with an extra adaptor you can switch with. Again, it might not even be that, It could be the CPU, or the motherboard.
  12. oh ok, good luck. glad you found the problem
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  15. Could be a PSU fault as well. But his PC is powering up. That's why i suspect the proccy!
    @OP: If you have a spare PSU or a friend's PSU you can borrow then try it out. You have to go one-by-one on this one, to find out the root cause!

    Do you hear any beeps after you power on?
  16. hell: If you read the replies you can see that I found the problem ;) Thanks for all help <3

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  18. Well i typed it and forgot to press submit! Then went on to do some other surfing... :D :D

    Well its good that you have solved your problem! All the best!
  19. Thanks, when I took a closer look at the 4pin thing I see that some of it has melted, that must've been the problem.

    Is it possible to take my old 4 pin plastic thing and switch it with my the broken one?
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