Drivers for integrated Radeon HD 4200

Is there anyone out there running XP 32-bit (SP3) on a Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H board who is using onboard video?

I have had a hell of a time finding a stable video driver set for the integrated Radeon HD 4200. None of the Catalyst drivers (present or past) from the ATI AMD website seem to run stably (if at all). I have set up a total of four different systems using this motherboard and have had video driver issues on all of them.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues?
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    OS = WinXP 32-bit the Chipset / VGA drivers.
  2. Appreciate the reply, but I have indeed already tried the Gigabyte-supplied video drivers on these boards, and they do not seem to run stably either.
  3. I built a comp for a friend using a GA-MA785GM-US2H board. Just loaded the drivers from the Gigabyte disk and it ran with no problems. Did not update the drivers from Gigabyte. Nor did I update the Bios. My friend is still tickled to death with the comp. He's running XP 32-bit with 4 gigs of GSkill 1066 memory and an Athlon II X2 260 cpu, all of which was on sale at Newegg. He wanted cheap. And it all runs great, so far. Did you try to update the drivers or the bios from the Gigabyte web site? The memory is set to auto and is unganged.
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