ATI 5850 freezes on windows 7 32bit

I have recently bought an ATI sapphire radeon 5850. my pc specs is: Core 2 Dou E6600 @ 2.4 GHZ 4 GB DDR @ 800 MHZ, motherboard is AWD-MAX 9D, Power Supply is HEX 520 Corshair, windows 7 32bit.

about a month after i bought my card ive noticed a problem that my PC freezes after some time ( wether im in a game like BF BC2 or DIRT 2 for example or wether im just surfing the internet. when it was freezing i wasnt able to turn my PC off from the button - only by pulling the cable out.
after changing the BIOS battery and 2 sticks of my RAM ( 2 x 1GB GSKILL ) i seemed to solve the problem of my pc freezing when im not playing any game, and the turning off the computer issue.
But then the PC keeps freezing when im playing a game.
ive noticed from time to time the tray icon shows a warning about "AMD drivers stopped working" - but thats in a good situatio, when normally the PC just freezes and i have to restart the computer.
i tried updating teh latest drivers from ATI website, but that didnt work aswell.

please advice :(
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  1. What are you GPU / CPU temperatures at idle and under load? Possibly overheating.

    Don't pull the cable out... hold in the power button for ~5 seconds or until shutdown.
  2. thats the thing.
    Everst shows my CPU is @ 20c and GPU is maximum 42c.
    holding the button didnt help before only turning the power supply off with it's switch.

    but thats not the issue now. what im experiencing now is PC freezes when im playing games like BF BC2/DIRT2/Metro.
  3. Those are your temps while gaming / under load? If so, that is good.

    I know you have tried the latest drivers from ATI, but what about trying a previous driver version?

    Run Memtest86+ to check for bad RAM.

    Anyway you can test the graphics card in another, working, PC?
  4. i will try formatting my pc to windows xp sp3 and installing a fresh driver.
    which version do you reccomend? is it 10.3?
  5. That is the latest ATI drivers, yes. I have 10.3 installed on Windows 7 64-bit w/ a 5870 and have no issues with those drivers.

    If the format and fresh OS install does not correct this, it is a hardware issue.
  6. also may i ask, how would 50c temp on my HD in load would effect this issue?
  7. Freezing problems are often RAM related. Which exact RAM kit do you have? Have you manually set the RAM speed, timings, and voltage to their rated specs in the BIOS? Have you run Memtest86+ overnight to test for RAM errors? That's where I'd start. I doubt it's related to your 5850 or Windows 7.

    The problem could also be related to your HEC PSU. If these problems just started when you got your 5850 it's possible the PSU can't put out enough clean power under load to properly power the 5850.
  8. i really doubt its my PSU since it used to run a nvidia GTX 8800 which consumes more power than my current ATI.

    my current RAM kit is:
    Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400 2048MB <2x1024> DDR II 800 Dual XMS Memory

    how can i isolate this problem?
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    Your ram is rated to run at 800MHz with 5-5-5-18 timings at 1.9v. You should manually set those values in the BIOS and see if it fixes your freezing problem. If not, you should download Memtest86+ from and burn the ISO image to a CD. You then boot your system from the CD and the RAM test starts automatically. You should let it run overnight. If it gets any errors then you should RMA your RAM.
  10. Will do all of the above.

    but should i ignore the warning that windows occasionally shows about "AMD drivers stopped working"? is it RAM related too?
  11. Yes, faulty RAM can cause that error.
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