HELP: installed OS successfully but now SSD unresponsive

I installed win7 x86 on my asus 1018pb netbook on a new SSD. Installation was done via usb using the "Windows7-USB-DVD-tool.exe" utility. It is a Crucial M4 64GB SSD.

The reviews for this drive are fantastic. Install was successful. All of the windows updates were installed and the system restart was successful. Following I put the netbook to sleep. Afterwards my netbook presented hard drive error at POST and would not boot. The SSD is currently hooked up to another win7 pc. Disk manager sees the drive. It shows the drive is not initialized. Attempting to initialize the disk or take it offline is unsuccessful with a "I/O device error".

Any help on trouble shooting ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Is it worth trying to boot my desktop with a low level hard drive utility and wipe the SSD?

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  1. Before installing windows 7, make sure you change in your BIOS, the SATA controllers to AHCI. It will help the SSD to function. Install firmware, then restart computer, and go into BIOS and make sure your BOOT PRIORITY is from the SSD.

    You may want to retry the installation. Once you get to your desktop screen, did you immediately install the firmware update from Crucial?

    It could also mean the drive could be defective/malfunctioning. I would also suggest an RMA. If it doesn't work.
  2. Try this when you connect the SSD in another win7 pc. In your case the SSD is the external HD.
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