Hooking up a 2nd display makes the 1st one go blank?

I have a diamond 5970. I can hook my monitor to either of its dual dvi ports and it will display fine.

The 2nd display is a dvi- hdmi adapter going to a receiver and then on to an overhead projector. When I plug this to the card, the first monitor goes blank. :cry:

If I turn on the receiver and projector before hooking to the dvi port, then everything works as it should and I get 2 similar displays. BUT when I turn on the computer the next day without the overhead projector on, my monitor goes blank during the windows boot. :cry:

In CCC i have the monitor set as the #1 display and also set as the preferred display. This is while I have 2 displays going, the next day the receiver/ projector is no longer listed as a second display ( probably due to the fact I have to unplug it to get the monitor to display?)

I have a blu ray movie disc in the drive, not sure if this affects anything.

The monitor is a Dell 2405fpw
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  1. this just means that somehow windows recognizes your monitor as 2ndary, use windows instead of CCC to identify your displays and make sure that your monitor is the primary, your blu ray disc does nothing, silly
  2. Good idea to check the displays in windows display properties rather than just CCC. Also- are you trying to run it as cloned displays or an extended desktop?
  3. Thanks, but I beleive I have exhausted all of the Windows options for settings with no results. I'm thinking this is hdcp related. Can anyone confirm or deny hdcp as a possibility?
  4. I really couldn't tell you about that one- not much HDCP experience for me. It doesn't seem like it should be that though. If you can't get the settings right, then I'd just do what works- turn it on and then plug it in.
  5. Thanks. I'm gonna keep messing with it. I notice that If I go direct to the projector the problem goes away, so somehow the whole translation gets lost when communicating through the recever.
  6. Good luck. Hope you can get it figured out (I know that I had a card that just totally locked up if you connected it to a projector that used a VGA to CatV to VGA converter system. For that though, I ended up having to change out the card as it literally locked the card every time I plugged it in).
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