P67-GD65 BIOS Issues - Need advice

Hello all -

Recently completed a new build and am on the verge of buyer's remorse after some issues I ran into with this MSI board. While the board itself is fine in layout and basic operation, the first thing we ran into was an issue where the BIOS would hang on "Save & Exit". We tried updating to v1.7 and still no luck. After downgrading to v1.4 we finally got the board to save the basic boot order, etc. However, we then ran into a new issue:

We manually adjusted the multiplier on the processor to x38 to test a modest OC. We disabled Overspeed protection and Turbo Mode/Stepdown. All saved fine, but when we booted back up, both Windows 7 and SpeedFan continue to report the CPU at 3.3GHz. We also noticed that even though the BIOS continued to show the x38 multiplier, all the settings we had disabled had magically been re-enabled.

Looking at the Feedback on NewEgg, there seems to be no consistency - some (few) have no issues at all, some don't work until downgrade to 1.4, some don't work until upgrade to 1.7, some work fine but won't OC properly, etc. Since this was included in Tom's reviews, I'm wondering how they got it to work / OC.

Board: MSI P67A-GD65
CPU: Intel i5-2500K 3.3GHz
RAM: 8GB GSkill RipjawX 1333MHz

(Side Note: The MSI Forums have a long thread that includes this issue but has more to do with other problems relating to Intel's MEI driver & Firmware - there seems to be a BIOS v1.8 recently out but it's not available on the US website. :fou: )
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  1. You might as well stop messing with it. It looks like you will be sending the mother board back, see: http://www.dailytech.com/Intel+Fin [...] e20789.htm
    "Intel Finds Design Flaw in New Sandy Bridge Chipset"
  2. Fair enough - but I'm still wondering if anyone has suggestions as to the original issue, since the article seems to be more concerned with SATA degradation over time, which doesn't really have to do with my problem. :(

    (Ah, the joys of buying the new stuff right out of the gate...)
  3. Well I haven't upgraded to 1.7 from 1.4 and in view of the Sandy Bridge issue I don't intend to. The returns by MSi seem very good for the USA, wonder what they are going to be like for the rest of us, specifically Europe where I am.
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