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I'm running the M4A78T-E using the onboard audio and after installing an Asus 5970 a week or so ago, the system will hang when I'm listening to mp3's about 20-30 minutes in. The audio will hang and about 2 seconds later the video on the screen goes to all vertical bars.

So far the only way I've been able to resolve is to force a reboot. Up until installing the 5970, the system has been rock solid with no issues. I've set memory (mushkin blackline 1600mhz) to 1600 speed in the bios, and have used the AMD GPU clock tool to force the engine and memory clocks to default idle at 325 and 600mhz. This was done in an effort to correct the 2D artifacting and TDR errors under Win7 x64. System and video idle temps hover at 35c.

I've tried to locate some resources but this feels like a needle in a haystack. Anyone experience anything like this?
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  1. What GPU was in it before the new one ?? ... DID you *completely* uninstall the old drivers (elegantly) and wipe out any trace (directories and all) before the new install ?

    At this point, I would uninstall/reinstall the VERY latest GPU drivers and THEN uninstall/reinstall the audio drivers ... look for an update to audio drivers, online, either from the mobo site or, preferably, from the audio chipset maker, directly.

    ... I am assuming your GPU is in the primary X16 slot.

    = Al =
  2. Might also be a good idea to remove and re-seat your GPU VERY firmly in it's slot ... Heat expansion can sometimes exsacerbate a marginal cardbus connection ...

    ... You may also wish to install your new GPU into a DIFFERENT system, and to run stress tests and benchmarks (or just game really hard and long with CRYSIS et. al.), since the problem DID arrive with the new card.

    FINALLY ... DO CHECK YOUR PSU ... be sure that it is properly rated (output) for the new card and you may also wish to measure output and sustained amps, with a DMM (meter) ... When a PSU gets warm, it's max capacity will "waiver" and sustained output is reduced ... ambient temps also play a role.

    ... What PSU ???

    YOU NEED TO FILL OUT THE "HOW TO ASK" sticky thread and paste your exact config into this thread, and answer all other questions, on that sticky.

    There is another sticky (Video Probs) that has a good TS checklist.

    = g'luck ! =

    ... Hmmm ?

    = Al =
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