Gtx 260 audio issue

i just put in a new gtx 260 but i have no sound now. the video card has this 2 pin spdif connection and the other end should plug into the 4 pin spdif on the motherboard. i only have a 3 pin spdif_I port. why dont i have sound? is this the issue?

the motherboard is a gigabyte m55SLI - S4 rev 1.
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  1. You should only plug the sound into the GPU if you are planning to have it transmitted through the cards outputs to a monitor or TV.
  2. I have the wires plugged into the 260 for feeding my HDMI TV on occasion.
    I am using an MSI p55 GD85 MoBo with the Realtek sound drivers
    I found that I had to go into the Realtek control panel and switch the defaults sound output from one to the other depending on which one I want to use. It seems to not be able to send to both. The sound defaults to one or the other not both as far as I can figure out. You may have the sound going to the HDMI and need to change the default to the rear panel speaker jack
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