X4 965 max core temp is 62 or it's CPU temp?


I have that CPU on MSI 890 GD70, its control center's green power reports CPU temp as 34 BUT CoreTempand Everset reports Core temp of 48 and nothing about CPU temp
I'm not overclocking it yet, but I want to :bounce:
So the question is, is the CPU temp of MSI Control Center is the one that AMD says max 62???
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  1. You can go up to 70c for short periods of time with your cpu. IF your bios has it, use the shutdown feature and set it at 70c.
  2. I'm sorry but I still need to know what AMD meant at their website, is it the CPU temp they are talking about? not the Core temp?
  3. Each core will have some variance in the temp due to load. Only one or two cores work at the same time for most applications. When gaming, the temp of the cores working rises; 62c is a good maximum to use for each core. Core temp is what you need; cpu temp is not relavant.
  4. now I got the idea : ( thanks man
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