FLASH bios(MSI motherboards without their update utility)

Hi Tom's Hardware,

This will probably not be helpful to you super-gurus here that have helped me a lot the last several weeks, but I had an ordeal figuring out how to flash my bios on the MSI P67A-GD65 motherboard. I have 64bit windows 7 installed and MSI live update wouldn't update the bios(maybe for that reason, I don't know)

The last time I flashed a bios was back in the XP days when DOS boot disks were abundant and easy to come by without really trying. This is more aimed at people like me who are in-out-in the loop as it pertains to PC technology(in when I upgrade, out when I am busy playing video games and not following tech trends), something as simple as "how the eff do I boot to dos without windows running in the background so I can flash my bios" became a chore for me.

This PDF from MSI spelled it out in easy to understand steps for me so I wanted to pass it along to the community in case there's someone else out there like me.


Hope this helps!
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  1. Good information! Nice to know.
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