Powercolor Radeon HD4850 installation problem on newly built PC


I have just today built a new system featuring an AsRock M3A770DE mobo (Socket AM3), Phenom II 245 cpu, 4 gigs ddr3 ram and an EzCool midi gaming case with 700watt psu. Aside from having to vandalise the back of the case slightly in order to fit my graphics card in, everything has fit together fine and the PC appears to power up without any problems.

However, after plugging my TFT into the graphic's cards standard display port (same kind as crts used in their day) due to the card not coming with a DVI cable or adaptor, my monitor is reporting no signal. Also when the pc powers up the gfx card fan does not start running.

I have the power connector plugged into the card and have tried both PCI-E slots. Getting extremely frustrated with it to be honest, any one have any ideas? I'm hoping I have just done something silly rather than having a dud card :(
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  1. It actually looks like you have a bad card.
  2. Agree with rolli59, u might got a bad card there...
    Still on warranty, right? RMA it to get a replacement... :)
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