I need help for next pc

i want to build a pc to play game like battlefield , mw2, nfs, dirt 2 , assassin creed etc...

CPU: AMD phenom ii x2 555 BE or the 550 (not black edition ) (i need help to to figure out what is the black edition on phenom )

AMD athlon ii x3 or x4 635

Motherboard MSI 870A-G54 [...] 6813130275
DDR3 motherboard needed

Memories G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 [...] 6820231277

GPU ati radeon 5670 1gb (what manifactur?)
5750 1gb powercolor, xfx , sapphire ??

case +psu, i dont know witch one for case and how many watt will i need

dvd burner

harddrive 500gb

range budget 500-600 $
i will use the new direct x 11 because i want to keep this pc for awhile
screen: viewsonic 19 po (not wide) 1080*1224 ...

please give me your opinion , and what you would build for this price
thanks :D
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  1. If you're bumping up against your budget, I would check your local craigslist for near new stuff. A guy had the 550 cpu for only $50 yesterday here in austin. I use frys combo specials; I'm not too picky about the motherboard. Newegg has an email promo today that includes a basic rosewill atx case with 120mm fan for $21.xx shipped. A great deal. A decent 500-600w ps is what you need; make sure it's 80% efficient.
  2. bumb plz answer
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  4. here is 2 motherboard that look pretty good,

    asus , no video on board but usb 3.0

    asus video on board, good if i buy a ati for hybrid crossfireX , not usb 3.0

    msi usb 3.0 , no video on board

    what would you choose , because i trust more asus because its a more well known compagni ?
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