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I sit about 6 feet from where pc sits and thus the "antennas" for my wireless keyboard and mouse are about 6 feet away as well. What I would like to do is bring the "antennas" closer to where I am sitting. Can I simply purchase a male to male USB cable (below) that will allow me to have a longer cord connected to my computer but have the "antennas" closer to where I am sitting

I dont think I could have worded this more awkardly then I did but I really hope I am able to get answer
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  1. I think you want a male to female (verify by looking at your cable ends.
    15 extra feet may drop voltage too much, do they have a 6 foot extension. I'd buy 1 to try out first. Have you tried to move the antennas, they like to be at the same level as the keyboard and mouse. also try setting them up or down(on edge)
  2. Thanks mhelm1

    ya I meant male to female, copied the wrong one. But 15 feet is to long really?
  3. I'm not positive but at that price go ahead and buy two since it costs more to ship than to buy.
  4. I remember reading that the length limitation for USB cables is a total of six feet.
  5. From Wikipedia: The maximum unpowered USB 2.0 cable is 5m, or 16.4ft. You can get a longer "cable" by using a powered hub and multiple long cords.
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