How do I play games(Crysis) on 2 monitors?

I just got a sweet 22 in monitor 1920x1080 and set it up in dual mode. Installed Ultramon to try and get Crysis and some other games to play on both screens. I know it may be a performance drop but I can lower settings. I just wanna try it out. I'm running an old card 8800GTS 512MB, but it handles like a champ. When I start the game one monitor shows the desktop and the other the game. I want ultra wide screen...anyone out there willing to help???
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  1. Could really use some help...I still can't get it.
  2. It's not really a good idea, because the bezels will cover up your aiming thing, so it'll be hard to play. You can do it by chaninging the resolution to a ultrawide one i think.
  3. When I change it to an ultra wide resolution the monitors freak out and it doesnt work
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