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I have a problem in buying a casing for my new components. It's a i7 build with a 285gtx and an antec psu. Because the case i had earlier is now too small, and the air flow is poor, I am interested in buying a new one. Now i have a TT Soprano and there is absolutely no space left when i install everything. Now I'm in a dilemma what to buy. Money is a problem, let's say I'm willing to give about 80EUR for a casing.

Now I'm asking you this. My friend is offering me a chieftec BA-01B-B-B. I really like the looks, because it's big and if i install all fans I think the air flow would be amazing. Then I can also get a coolermaster cosmos :D , which is also huge and nice looking. Then there is NZXT Gamma, or maybe the ANTEC Three Hundred...

It is very important that the casing has good airflow and a bit more space to work with components when installing. Cable management is not such a problem but is good if you can hide a few things. I would like to know, what do you guys think what should i get. You can also point me in any other directions.

Opinions are welcome!! :wahoo:

PS:(I can get the chieftec and Razer Barracuda HP-1 for 60eur :ouch: , which i think it's the winner here:))
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  1. Well if you want big the Antec Nine Hundred 2, or the Antec Twelve Hundred are definitely big. As a plus, the Twelve Hundred has great airflow.

    900-2 : $90 (USD) after mail-in rebate (~71)
    1200: $170 (USD) (~134 eur)

    All prices are from Newegg.com and do not include any applicable VAT
  2. They are both good but too expensive for me. What do you think about chieftec ?
    It's really big, but I don't know how's the airflow in that case.
  3. It has 2x120mm and 5x90mm fans. While it certainly seems like it would coo alright it will be loud.

    It exhausts out of the top and middle of the back panel, while having it's intakes located on the sides (and maybe on the front?)

    It should be cool enough, but again, it will be loud. 90mm fans have to spin faster to move as much air as a 120mm fan does (at a lower rpm) and, of course, generate more noise in the process.
  4. Yeah, that really is a lot of fans. But I could put in some noise absorbers, so that it quiet the whole thing. I'm leaning towards chieftec because it has tons of moding posibilities and it's really practical. But I also like the CM Cosmos, but that is really expensive, although I can get a used one for like 80eur.
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