New router(s), broken WPA with old adapters

Has anybody noticed, after purchasing a new wireless router, that WPA stops working between an older [client] adapter and the new router? I've seen this twice - once on upgrading from a Netgear WPN824 V2 to V3, and today when I helped my neighbor upgrade an old 54mbps b/g WRT w/WPA to a 108mbps b/g/n (WPA2) Trendnet wireless router. Afterward his Palm TX simply wouldn't connect, even with Open/unsecured authentication; SSID broadcast=ON & MAC filtering OFF. We got wireless connections working to two other devices - one with WPA, the other WPA2. It was me who suggested he replace his old WRT. While I'd have purchased a Linksys, I was just beginning to trust Trendnet...

Assuming others have had similer experiences, it would be good to know why new firmware might not bother to support some older adapters. Is it a pain to port the old functionality to new firmware? Lack of WRT experience? What gives???

Are there no cheritable firmware doctors in the house?

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  1. Yeah, there's a whole generation of Netgear and other wireless adapters that claim to be 802.11g but won't work with certain newer Dlink and other routers.

    Luckily wireless adapters are dirt cheap these days.
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