Does Promise TX 4310 support Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition 32 bit?


I just installed Windows 2008 standard edition 32 bit into Mother board Gigabyte GA33M55S-S3 rev 1.0

Then I put the card Promise TX 4310 in it and setup the program in text mode to use RAID 5. It work fine.

Once Windows boot up. The Windows 2008 don't see disk which I just setup (RAID 5 disk). I see in Device Manager and see "RAID COntroller" is error.

Can anyone help me to fix this? I'm not sure which windows 2008 can use with this card. Before I stall windows2008, my previous windows is 2003 server. It works fine with no problem.

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  1. I have found drivers for the TX4310 for Windows XP/2003/Vista and Windows 7, but not Server 2008. This server used to run 2003, so I'm assuming there's a driver out there...

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