ASRock P67 Extreme4 doesn't have Intel Sata(3gb) bug

So i just bought a ASRock p67 extreme4 mobo for my new SB build. Since it only has 4 Sata6Gb ports and no Sata3Gb is my statement correct that it does not have the Intel bug?
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  1. So far it's only confirmed across the SATA2 ports, and if the Intel's P67/H67 is used. Where other third-party like Marvell is being used this doesn't affect you or your data. At this point my advice is stay tuned. Personally, I won't want any affected P67/H67 MOBO. So right now I don't have a 100% trust factor on the Intel SATA2 or SATA3.

    My thoughts, I'm not an engineer.
  2. Booo! I waited 4 years to upgrade, ordered and built my rig last week, and this is what I get! But I did get this Asrock board as well. I noticed what you did, that there are 4 white ports for SATA3. I think I will swap to those ports and stay safe till a replacement comes.
  3. sigh nvm i was wrong... it also has 4 sata 3gb ports so it has the bug
  4. yeah, but it has 4 marvell so thats OK. I really dont need to have the board swapped until its convenient for me.
  5. Fester - my hats off to you. You are one of the few people I have seen who dont have the"chicken little - the sky is falling" syndrome over this issue.

    All I can say is read people. The bug does not affect 100% of the chipsets. But reading these chicken little comments one would think the world is ending.

    Tell me I didnt start that thread all over again.....
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