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Hi, I need to build a PC that uses the least amount of power but will be able to be used to stream HD moves to either a xbox 360 or a media streamer which i will buy later (probably a popcorn hour) i am wondering if the current processor and motherboard i have will be sutable for this. i have currently: AMD Sempron 3000+ and a AMD Sempron 2600+ processor. a Winfast motherboard 760gxk8mc Motherboard and a Asus k8v-mx Motherboard. i also need a power supply and want to know the minimum amount of ram required for hd streaming and also if there is a way to remotely tell the computer to download rapidshare links.

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. AnandTech CPU Bench

    AMD Sempron 1300LE vs. ATOM D510


    Well, I am NOT the world's foremost authority on media streaming server builds BUT ...

    I do know that the ATOM D510 is (barely) suitable, for this purpose and, this (latest) ATOM is outpaced (marginally) by a Sempron 1300LE (which I can only guess, is slower than either of the Semprons that you listed.

    SO ... As far as proc power goes, you should be OK ... I would investigate (on MS website) if these CPUs (your semprons) provide 64Bit support for Win4-64 (If that is your OS of choice) ... Just be sure the OS you choose does fully support your CPUs.

    As far as the RAM goes ... I can only say that the ATOM based SOHO servers, on newegg, are usually configured with 2 GB ... I would recommend 4GB, but your limited application prolly does not really require more than 2GB ...

    ... DDR2 and 2-ch RAM of any speed should be snappy enough.

    ... Essentially, this is a network file server ... no ? ... The speed of the HDDs is what is prolly most critical ...

    ... I would recommend a Gigabit 1000/Base-T CAT5 connection of 50 feet (or shorter) and a Seagate 7200.12 1TB drive (fast enough and one of the more quiet performance drives ... about ~$75)

    = Al =

    PS: This is all tentative but I don't see how you could go wrong ... as long as you check all sw/hw requirements.
  2. Thanks Alvin ill start looking at AMD Sempron 1300LE now. Essentially yes it is a file server but i want the least amount of power used when idol. I was thinking of underclocking the Semprons but if the Sempron 1300LE is better and uses less power then i will buy one of them.

    Thanks again
  3. Well ... I'm pretty sure the ATOM D510 uses the least power of all AND it is essentially on par w/the 1300LE ... but, if you have other parts, for an AMD build, at hand ... well ... go that way.

    = Al =
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