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Slow speed while copying data ( 10mb/s ) usb 3.0

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June 29, 2012 6:52:09 AM

Hi folks,

My computer seems to be very slow while copying data from one folder to another! I saw a couple of videos on youtube that they were getting 80 mb/s while they were copying musics and stuff... ( about 500 mb ) but mine does it in only 10 mb/s !!!!

Note that I only have one hdd.

I'm new to computers as of this I need your help. Thank you.

PC Specs: z77x-ud3h motherboard f5 bios version, 2x4gb vengeance ram, i7 2600k, WD caviar green 1TB HDD ( Code No: WD10EARX ), corsair h100, 800w ps.

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Best solution

July 1, 2012 4:59:51 AM

There are a number of things that can cause such issues, Johnny. I'll list some off for you so that you can look into taking care of them to increase your performance. :3 I myself own a Caviar Green (mines a 2TB) HDD as my drive for storing everything.

1: If your using a lot of that massive 1TB of storage, your disk is slowly running out of space to move files around and and store things, making it slower. Consider deleting junk and unwanted files.

2. Defragment. If your system volume has substantial amounts of fragmentation, your files are all over the friggin hard drive. Fragmentation is often caused by frequent file operations and installation / removal of programs and updates. Run a defrag and regardless of other factors, your performance WILL increase, and theres that chance you may gain a little extra space aswell.

3. Compressed files. Make sure that when you transfer a big bundle of data and clusters of files that you pack it into one tight little ZIP, RAR, or 7ZIP or TAR file to make a quicker, more efficient, less space-hogging transfer. Use something free and fast like 7ZIP to manage your archives. :3

Also, what are you using USB 3.0 for? Are you running on a USB HDD, or are you transferring data from your hardrive to a USB3.0 drive or storage stick? Flash disks have a tendency to drop performance very quickly as you fill the space. I was going to say somethign else but, bloody hell I just HAD to have a brain fart. ~sigh~
July 12, 2012 9:37:11 AM

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