ATI Tray tools makes my games crash :(

Hey, I recently upgraded my 8800GTX to a HD4870 and I've got both CCC and ATT installed, everytime tray tools runs in the background, it makes my games like MW2 and BFBC2 crash. I would definately like to see what triple buffering does to the games and all the other cool things that ATT does. Please help...
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  1. Hi
    This is a known issue sometimes the two don't play nice and cause conflicts, Try using just the display driver and not installing CCC. Then you can use ATI Tray Tools for the stuff CCC would otherwise do.
    Personally i have not run into the issue myself but know others who have and just having the display driver seems the way to go. Actually tell a lie i did have it running with just the Display driver once with my 3850.
    You get much more control over the card with Ati Tray Tools anyway so your not loosing anything.

    Mactronix :)
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