AMD Athlon II X4 635 Propus question

Hey i'm 14 and building my first computer and I have a question about the AMD Athlon II X4 635 Propus 2.9GHz processor. I like all the stats and reviews I've heard about it but was wondering whether or not it comes with a thermal paste and if so should I pick up an after market paste instead of the one in the box.

Also any application tips would be welcomed as well
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    The stock HSF will come with a re-applied tim on it. Should work fine for stock settings.

    If you haven't purchased your 635 yet, be sure to get the ADX635WFGMBOX not the ADX635WFGIBOX as the "M" version for $1 more is the C3 version.
  2. well, it has thermal paste already applied to the bottom of the heatsink, although if you want better cooling performance, i suggest removing that with rubbing alcohol, and applying your own, which you would have to buy. for even better cooling performance and overclocking, buy this:

    it cools extremely well, and comes with good thermal paste as a gift. there are 100s of ways to apply thermal paste, some people dab it on, and let the cpu disperse it, some people paint it on like you would with say, nail polish, some people put a dab in the center and smooth it out with a small cardboard tab. I do the last as it is much more macho, eh? :lol:
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