5770 memory clock and core clock?

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  1. put up a different pic.
  2. That is correct for idle clocks if you have ATI Overdrive enabled. Take another screen cap like that when you are running a game, and it will look totally different. Use GPU-z instead and set it to update in the background if you don't have a second monitor and you can see what the clocks are when you are gaming.
  3. sorry your right thank you. I'm fairly new to this stuff so i didn't know. 1 quick question tho is there any program that will o/c my card easily and what should i o/c to. [im not looking for extreme o/c either]
  4. Your ATI Catalyst Control Center has an "overdrive" section. you can use that to OC quite effectively. Don't need another program unless it doesn't go as far as you want it to.
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