How hot should a dual core intel 930 cpu run

hope it not to late but 60c is to hot for Pentium D 930..(dual core). I have the same cpu 65c is its limit, mine run at 45cor 114f I use a asus tower heat sink and 6 fans now that Im in florida 3 fans blow in and 3 out I have never reach 60c. Im running 3 9800 gtx graphic cards and 4 gig of ram , a raid 5 on this system. your pcu is running almost at max temps at idle it run about 110 fahrenheit. good luck :)
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  1. uh-uh. so? :) may i ask whats the point of this thread?
  2. Reads title and hopes is some dude doing an temp investigation if an i7-930 with 2 cores disabled, I was wrong.
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