No video with both 5870 and 8800GTS

I went to play on my family's 42" TV with my computer. I hooked it up through HDMI and after playing on it for about an hour and a half, I lost video signal. My keyboard and mouse lights turned off (an indication that the computer will not receive anything I type/do). The gpu, the Radeon XFX 5870 1GB, started to spin its fan at what I assume was 100%. It was pumping out tons of air, but this air was not hot. It was cool. So I try to turn the machine off using the buttons on the case (Antec 1200), neither the power or reset button worked. So I turned the computer off using the power supply switch (Corsair HX850w). I power it back on and still had no display, and the gpu still spun at 100%. So I switch the video cable from HDMI to DSub (with DVI adapter). Still no signal. So then I move the machine back downstairs to my computer desk. I switch the 5870 out for my eVGA 8800 GTS 320mb from my other machine. I plug the machine into my monitor, and receive no video still (through DVI).
Here are my specs:
XFX Radeon 5870 1GB
MSi 790FX-GD70
AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE
Corsair HX 850w
Corsair H50 push-pull
Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB
Antec 1200 case
8GB of OCZ DDR3 HPC Reaper 1600 mhz (4x2GB)

The CPU was NOT overclocked when this happened.
The GPU has NEVER been overclocked.
The ram is designed for 1600 mhz and 7-7-7-24 timings. I had it at 1333 mhz and 8-8-8-24 timings.

What is wrong? :/
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  1. If both of the GPU's fail to display now, it sounds like you may have a PCI-e slot problem. Try dropping one of the cards in the secondary PCI-e slot and see what happens.
  2. Okay, thankfully I have 4 PCI-e slots... I was using slot 3 (the second primary slot), because of the H50, it is too close to the top slot (the 1st primary slot).
    Anyway, I moved to slot 2 (3rd primary), and it didn't work again. I tried to fit it into slot 4 (4th primary) and the wires plugging into the mobo seem to sit too high for the gpu to slide into the slot all the way.
    I am about to attempt to remove the H50 grill/fan and let it hang to see if the 1st slot will give me anything. But I am afraid to do this because the fan that comes with the H50 was spinning incredibly slow. I don't want to ruin my CPU...
  3. If it didn't work in the 2nd OR 3rd slot, then its probably not the slots, and that takes us somewhere else entirely. I would try resetting your CMOS through the jumper, and/or removing the system battery from your Mobo to make sure its not just a BIOS setting that got screwed up.
  4. Oh my bad, I failed to mention, I have reset the CMOS a few times (the 790FX-GD70 has a button for this). I have used it before when I have messed up ram settings in the past, so I know it works when pressed. This has not helped fix the problem either.
    What is the next step?
  5. Hmm.. might still be worth pulling the battery to completely reset everything. Past that, if you still can't get anything out of the PC- try the cards in another PC to make sure you didn't fry them both by some freaky chance:-p. Do you still get lights on the case and fans spinning up and everything?
  6. I am about to test the gpu's in another case... But the case lights do come on, as do lights on the mobo. All the fans spin up, and I am pretty sure I can hear the HDD spinning/thinking as well. The PSU fan spins, as does the GPU fans. I'll post what happens with the other case.
  7. A faulty stick of RAM will cause the symptoms you describe. Have you tried booting with each stick of RAM by itself?
  8. K- shouldn't be your PSU then. Try the cards in another PC, and try each stick of RAM individually like shortstuff suggested. Let us know what happens.
  9. Last time this happened to me, i unpluged the 24pin cable for a few seconds and when it was re-pluged everything was working.
    Reason = unknown
    BUT i've seen this happening on many (not tens, but more than a couple) systems.
  10. Okay, I tried each stick of ram by itself (with the 8800 gts plugged in). Nothing really changed. Though I did manage to test all 4 sticks without the monitor plugged in, *facepalm*, so I had to repeat the whole process. No display still then lol.
    Sorry for the slow update, I stuck the 5870 in my Antec Sonata III case. A nuisance to fit inside! But it fits, barely lol. Anyway, the 500w psu in that case did not cut it (I think I already knew that, tried this once when I first got the card). I am going to try a different computer with a 700w psu, that I know can handle the 5870 (two even actually, that was a fine time).
    I will also try the 24 pin pull out.
    Update to come! :p
  11. Cool- let us know. Hopefully they work:-)
  12. Okay, 5870 is up and running in the other machine, seems to be fine. Installing drivers in that machine (Had Radeon 4890 in it a moment ago). 5870 seems to be running a little hot, maybe? Not sure, this is in a NZXT Beta EVO case with only two fans (didn't put optional fans on yet). So the air flow is non existent at the moment.
    On another note, the 24 pin pull out didn't work sadly.
    Where do I go from here? :p
  13. Did you try each stick of RAM by itself yet?
  14. Sounds like it could be a motherboard issue. Do you still have a warranty from the manufacturer?
  15. Well, its not the GPU, and its not the RAM. PSU seems to be working still (might be worth trying IT with another machine as well). That points to either a Mobo or CPU problem. The Mobo is most likely. If you can, try both the PSU and the CPU in another PC- that will pin it straight to your Mobo.
  16. Gonna try CPU in another computer possibly. I am almost positive I have a mobo failure. As I now have a loud, solid beep sound from the mobo. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. Never stops until I turn it off. Didn't do that before. Mobo failure?
  17. What does your motherboard owners manual say about a continuous beep? That indicates a RAM problem on many motherboards.
  18. Check your mobo manual. Like Shortstuff said- that can indicate a RAM problem. The manual should give you a readout that will tell you what it means on your board.
  19. Could be a RAM problem, but if it won't boot with any of the four sticks, then yeah your motherboard probably just died.
  20. Also, yeah just make sure that PSU works in another machine, or pull the PSU from a working machine and try it on your board. Sometimes a failing PSU can seem to act with one setup up, but not another, and then stops working all together. Of course in the other build it's unstable because it's dying. Had that before. Drove me nuts the last time because I bought another motherboard for my backup machine when I didn't need too.
  21. Okay some more updates, cleared CMOS with jumpers, removed battery as well. Tried 2 sticks of ram. Did not post.
    Tried all 4 sticks of ram in another computer. That computer worked without a hitch.
    GPU's still going strong in other computers.
    The beeping sound has ceased (after CMOS clear, I think?).
    I have some pretty nice wire management going on at the moment, so pulling out the PSU is gonna be a real pain, I have a friend coming over in maybe two hours with a voltage tester. Gonna see if the PSU is operating properly that way I guess. May just pull it out anyway, sigh lol.
    Looked at the manual to see what the lights on the mobo indicate. Everything seems normal, will have to do more reading, I skimmed it real quick. Will update on that.
    To me its looking more and more like my mobo died.

    :edit to address a few questions: The CPU testing will have to wait a little while, I'm going to order some thermal paste for that.
    I did test the ram sticks individually and in pairs.
    I will have to look up the MSi warranty stuff. No idea how their system works.
    Also, just for a little background, this computer has been running for almost a year now (with minor upgrades along the way, 4850 -> 5870, stock cooler -> H50), this is the first time its had an issue I don't feel directly responsible for (incorrectly clocking ram or cpu lol).
  22. I agree with that- I hope your Mobo is under warranty still as the more tests you try, the more it is pointing a big fat finger at your Mobo.
  23. lol, makes me sad if it is true. It's my third one of the same model. First one to fail on me. It is my 3rd of 4 MSi boards. I generally like their stuff now. Oh well, everything has a chance of failure. I am going to have to invest time in warranty research I guess. But not before I test things further! Science!
    Also, just want to make it clear, I greatly appreciate the guidance and help you guys have provided. I am glad I came to Tom's forums for assistance! :hello:
  24. uuuffffff MSI what do you expect? there rubbish

    two video cards not working doesnt = slot issue, it means anything including MOTHERBOARD (since the slots are apart of it etc), ram, psu, cpu, wiring, settings and everything else to blame - NOT A SLOT
  25. Apache- MSI is not rubbish. They haven't always been as good as they are now, but their boards are some of the best right now with their latest versions. Their P55 boards are AWESOME. Also- who said that 2 cards not working meant it was the slot? I said it was a possibility that it was the slot, but we've progressed a LONG way from that point, since we already tested and ruled out the slot. the OP has also tested and ruled out a whole bunch of other options. Probably good to read the whole thread before posting a reply that doesn't really help.

    Suprosa- I've loved my MSI boards, and I've used a couple now, never had a problem. Everything has a possibility of failure, so I wouldn't be TOO upset about it:-) I did look at the MSI warranty stuff (on newegg at least) and it said its got a 1 year warranty- if you are under a year still, you should be ok.
  26. My brother owns two of the exact same boards that I have, he's had no problems with them. And my father owns an MSi board as well, no issue with that either. I used to be a big Asus fan, and I still like them, but MSi has really stepped up their game the past few years in my book.
    Anyway, tested my PSU with a power supply tester (I may still try it in another pc). It was reported as functioning properly.
    So I also bought some thermal paste. Not exactly the brand or model I wanted, but I don't want to wait for it to be mailed. So I picked up some Zalman ZM-STG1. It is good, but I would have gone with Arctic Silver 5 this time around or the Shin-Etsu MicroSi G751 I used for the i7 920 machine I built recently. Whatever. It's only for when I test my Phenom II 955 in another AM3 machine I have.
    I am doing that tomorrow. After that, we will know for sure whether or not it is the motherboard or cpu that has failed. Then I shall begin the rma process :)
  27. Sounds good man. Hope you can get it narrowed down and fixed up pretty quick. All manufacturers will have a failure sometime:-)
  28. Well, I wanted to be 100% positive as to what was wrong...And things took a turn for the worse *sigh*
    I tested the Phenom II 955 in another AM3 machine. The system would try to boot. It would stop, and then try to boot, repeat repeat repeat. So it's fair to assume the CPU went bad.
    So then I took an Athlon II X4 620 and put that into my motherboard. Did not boot. Uh oh. So now it is fair to say the motherboard is bad, yes? We even tried different ram, different amounts of ram, and different GPUs.
    So now we went to put the 620 back into its original home. Did not boot. So now it is fair to say, my 790FX-GD70 fried both the 955 and the 620, yes?
  29. That might be. OUCH. I'm sorry man. Do you have another board you can try both CPU's in? I would DEFINITELY NOT put another CPU into the 790FX board... Thats a tough one. Can you see any sort of physical damage on the Mobo? Seems like if its burning out CPU's like that, you should be able to see SOMETHING thats wrong with it.
  30. No more boards to test with sadly. I've looked at both the CPU's and the mobos... I can't see anything wrong with them. Not even bent pins. It's a real mystery to me as to what is going on lol. I am, sadly, beginning to rma process now.
    Thank you for all the help! I am glad to have figured everything out, even if it was more than I originally thought lol :)
  31. What BIOS revision did the 790FX-GD70 board have? You have to have at least BIOS version 7577v13 to support both chips according to the CPU support site.

    Did you reset the CMOS between each CPU change?
  32. Well, when the Athlon now won't post in its original mobo that was working before, I think its safe to say that a BIOS flash won't fix it, especially since the 955 WAS working in THAT BOARD up until things crashed.
  33. Suprosa I been told that it can be my computer or motherboard but everything is fine this is what I did to fix it.

    I took an adaptor that goes from dvi to older connection (forgot what it's called) I grabbed older monitor that supports that kind of a connection and booted my computer with it. I was verry happy to see "loading asus express gate" again.

    After succesful boot I switched back to my current monitor with dvi cables and it works like it's supposed to again. This is some bullcrap mate and it just doesn't make sense but plz try it that's what fixed it for me I wish you good luck.
    Just happened to me today and I got it fixed today, after driving my videocard to a place I bought it from and it worked perfectly there.
  34. I'm not sure that type of fix is typical- sounds like you had more of a setup/connection issue rather than a hardware issue like the OP is having.
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