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Hey there,

I have a Zotac 9800 GTX AMP edition video card. I bought it September 2008, and the specs are, Memory Clock 2300MHz Core Clock 750mhz, Stream Processors 128, Memory size 512, Shader Clock 1890 MHz, GDDR3, MEMORY INTERFACE 256-Bit.

I want to SLI it up but I can not find that exact model anymore. What video card can I use it to SLI with and that is comparable or exact if possible? If I could buy the card, that would be even better, but I cant find any out there. The original model number is ZT-98XES2P-FCP

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  1. Another 9800GTX is all you need, manufacturer is not important any will do but it would be in your best interest to try and get another 512MB model rather than a 1GB version so as to avoid any conflicts.
  2. You need another 9800GTX it doesnt have to be a AMP/Overclocked edition and it doesn't have to be a Zotac either (can be any brand)

    Just remember if you do get another 9800 GTX (standard edition) to SLi with, your current AMP edition will lower its clocks to the stock cards clocks.

    Have you tryed looking on ebay?
  3. Thanks for the info guys. I ended up doing just that, I purchased an Nvidia 9800 GTX +, and it actually has a higher processor speed of 756, not a big difference but at least my AMP card won't have to clock down, and the other specs are exactly the same. I actually couldn't find an AMP edition card on Ebay. I was kind of surprised that I couldn't. You can usually find ANYTHING in there, and I looked for a week. Oh well, it's a great card, so I can see why no one would want to sell the one they have. I'll post the results when I get the other card.

    Thanks again.
  4. They don't sync clocks since the 177.xx days so all you people better learn that and stop saying what no longer applies and I have had two sli rigs excluding one rig which is a first generation dual gpu box. I have one BFG 9800GT 1GB OC and a PNY 9800gt 1GB as well the proof of differential clocking in sli.
  5. Ok, didn't know that, Do you have a link?

    I guess I Better learn that or else! :S :)
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