5850 fit in Aztec

Anyone know if the HD 5850 would fit in the Raidmax Aztec case?
If I'm right the 5850 is 24cm long, but i can't find any interior specs for the Aztec case!
Please help! I have to order asap!
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  1. In case you've not placed your order yet, i'd ask you to look out for an antec 300.. Its far superior than the raidmax in every department and it definitely has ample space for a 5850.. BTW the raidmax does has space for a 5850..
  2. Thanks a lot for the answer..
    Well yeah i haven't placed my order yet..many people recommend the antec 300, i think i was just going for the awesome looks of the raidmax case..
    Also, im limited to cases from pcgarage.ro..
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