Memory beep error, possible compatibility issue?

I'm building a system with a supermicro X8SI6-F-O Motherboard and 6x4GBs of Kingston Registered DDR3 1066MHz x8. It seems that no matter what the configuration is, I get the same beep error saying that no memory is present. I have a feeling this is a compatibility issue, here are links to the specific parts I'm using.



Thanks In advance
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  1. Welcome, Newcomer. You're right that the Kingston RAM you have isn't on the "Tested" list. This could be the problem, especially since you've stated that "no matter what the configuration is" you get the "no memory" beeps. There are several options you have at your disposal:

    1. Test your RAM in a different mobo to determine if this kit is bad; or
    2. Test a different set of RAM in your Supermicro mobo; or
    3. Contact Supermicro and ask if the RAM you have is compatible; or
    4. Return your current RAM and then buy RAM from the list posted here .

    By the way, when using the "" syntax, omit the "http(s)://" from the URL to properly display the URL as a link. Also, you must put the word or phrase you want people to click on between the end bracket in your URL and the first bracket of the ending of the syntax. For example:

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  2. Maybe the note below the memory list has something to do with it
    "Note: Supports 1-Gb and 2-Gb x8 devices only - Intel 3420 / 3400 Chipset Memory Requirements"
  3. According to the manual that came with the board I need dual ranked memory to use 6 dimms. I guess I need to return these for a set of dual ranked like these
    Will x4 memory work with the board even through it says x8?
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