Worth returning an unopened Mobo now that SB needs a fix?

Hey guys,

Yesterday I purchased the Gigbyte P67a-UD4 motherboard. And only today I hear the news that the 1155 chipsets are a bit flawed. According to Toms, Mobos will also take a beating however looking at other sites, they mainly focus on the cpu chip itself, and not the mobo. I have not yet bought the CPU yet (was planning to get a i5 2500k when it comes out)

So my options,

1) If mobos are affected by the sata flaw as toms suggests, shoudl i return my p67 mobo and wait for the revised versions of the board and the cpu in april ish?

2) If the motherboard is not too much of a major issue should i just keep the board and only wait for the cpu.

3) Just by an i5 2400 to settle with.

4) should i settle with a different set up like 1366 or p55. I will sli gtx 560s tho

Lets say i go with option 3) keeping my p67 mobo and buy a lower ish end cpu, are there any solutions to the sata issues? Like plug my 2 western digital caviar balcks and my optical drive into a sata 6 port or something?

I heard the sata issue arises over time from a lot of use, would a RAID 0 count as a lot of use?

Lots of questions.

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  1. This is a question that everybody has to answer themselves! I would if it was me since you have not bought the CPU return the board!
  2. Is it a worthy option to settle with an I7 950?
    I will be buying 2 gtx 560 and sli them so would a 16x 16x be an advantage by going with a 1366 socket instead of waiting for 1155 to be fixed?

    This will mean not only do i return the motherboard, but i will also have to return my dual channel ram which is also purchased.

    Unless i go with P55, but that has 8x 8x limiting it unlike the 16x 16x. I just dont want my gtx 560 sli to be bottlenecked or cap that bandwidth.

    If it was P55, im open to suggestions but ill go with the i5 760, and if it was 1366, the i7 950.

    any other suggestions of what to do atm is welcome.
  3. Could you please explain to me what's wrong with the Sandy Bridge CPU's?
    does this include the 2600k?

    8x 8x works just as well as 16x 16x. You see no difference in performance, some cases it has a higher FPS
    You will only see an advantage with 16x 16x if you are running multiple screens with really high resolutions and your average FPS are only slightly lower with 8x 8x if you are.
  4. Most of the major retailers have pulled the P67 motherboards from their shelves. If you have an unopened one and are considering returning it, check EBAY. There are probably some builders who want boards now and who aren't too concerned about the reported problem. You may be able to make a few bucks..
  5. rolli59 said:

    Oh right, so this chipset thing, is on the motherboard, not part of the design of cpu chip itself?

    The problem resides with the motherboard (the motherboards need a change or fix, not the actual I5 2XXX or I7 2XXX chips).

    Coz then I will buy the I5 2500k, and wait for the motherboards to be fixed, then buy a p67 motherboard in april when they have fixed it all?

    Does that sound about right?
  6. That's it. You may run into a problem getting the chip right now as some dealers have also taken the chips off the shelves, apparently figuring that buyers won't be purchasing chips until they can get an appropriate motherboard. It's a real mess for builders right now.
  7. Mangonaley said:
    According to Toms, Mobos will also take a beating however looking at other sites, they mainly focus on the cpu chip itself, and not the mobo.

    The entire problem is with the P67 / H67 chipset, not the CPU. Manufacturers will have to RMA the boards with the defective chipsets.
  8. ok, the issue now makes a lot more sense. Thanks guys for the input.

    Ive just gone in to msy and they say that i canmake a refund because the mobo was unopened. Looks like ill return it, and ill just have to wait until april to buy the rest of my parts. Sigh. I really wanted to build now. Lol
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