How does this look for gaming / future upgrades?

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  1. DUR now I see your case, uh still dont need a sound card.
  2. While the Crosshair IV is a Rolls Royce of the enthusiast chipsets - do u really require 4 x PCIex16 2.0 lanes? If not looking for some extreme crossfire action the 870 chipset will serve u just as well and at a far far cheaper pricepoint ^^
  3. So the mobo is a little overboard? I was thinking that maybe if I want to upgrade to a x6 later and a second 5850 in the future... What u say?
  4. Any 800 series will run a Thuban out of the box and while the idea of HD5850 in CF sounds good you need a beefier PSU, better ventilated case so all in all since the GPU is about the least "future" proof hardware in a gaming rig just go for the best $$/frame single GPU solution and look for a GPU upgrade later down the road..almost inevitable for gaming rigs hehe
  5. so instead of the Crosshair, can someone suggest a mobo to go with this rig?
  6. IBOX C2 stepping CPU.

    Dont get that combo bat linked
  7. Without him giving a budget cap, there's no real reason to shave 20 bucks for a hotter/older CPU, imo
  8. While the C3 is a better clocker - i wouldn't rate the combo off limits lol
  9. cmcghee358 said:

    No reason to go with the now outdated 700 series mobo and screw oneself over once the time to take advantage of latest gen SATA/USB III tech: 800 series elegant native SATA 6GB/s solution (no 2 x ports via Marvell chip) make 700 series look yesterday and check out the SB850 vs SB710 performance as well (kinks addressed)^^
  10. /sigh

    It's ok to be wrong sometimes right?

    I might have sounded argumentative but I was simply trying to HELP the guy.

    Enjoy the thread.
  11. I like obsidian's suggestion... making a decision in the next 15m...

    the crosshair is not worth the extra $70 over the 890gx? And for what I've read, isn't 890fx the way to go? (noob here, sorry about these questions)

    Last one: can someone recommend me a keyboard/mouse ($30)? No need of g15 :D

    Thank u so much
  12. Bottomline: you dun need CF but need out of box Thuban support dun pay a premium for it and 870 (anything lower is outdated tech and/or needs a BIOS update for Thuban) is as low i would go Else if and only if 16x/16x CF is a *must* then ya 890FX
  13. 10m until I press buy... :D

    890GX, price tag $1250
  14. Hmm it's actually "instant off" rather than rebate and looks a good deal for a 24.6"^^
  15. I would go with the ASUS monitor... myself!!
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