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Transferring files between physical hard drives

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June 29, 2012 12:25:47 PM

I am due to recieve my new Seagate Barracuda 2TB hard drive today and have a few questions about methods regarding the transferring of files..

My PC (an HPE h8-1010) currently has the factory installed HDD, which my primary OS (Windows 7) runs from, and a 500GB secondary HDD that I run Linux and Mac OS X from. The new 2TB will be used for backup of the all OSs and storage of user files/documents.

What is the most correct method to transfer the files from the system drive they are currently located on to my new one?

I've read some articles about 'Slaving' the new drive to the Master but I don't fully understand several things about this procedure: A) all the articles I've read specifically describe the interface type of the drive to be IDE. All my drives are SATA so is this even an option for me? If it is, would the Master being SATA/300 and the Slave being SATA/600 be of any conflict?
B) from what I understand, the Slave drive will maintain and exact copy of all the files and folders existing on the Master but will not synchronize automatically. That doesn't exactly sound like the files are moved but just rather copied. So am I to Slave the (let's call it) E: drive to the Master, synchronize and then wipe the files from the master once the sync has been completed?
and, lastly..
C) what type of inter-connect do am I to use between the 'factory jumpers' of each drive to slave one? Do they make jumper cable or can I simply use alligator clip cables to connect the corresponding jumper pins?

*If you fell that Slaving the new drive isn't my best option for transferring the files, please describe an alternative method.

On a separate (but related) note; would it my advantageous for me to shrink the partition Windows 7 is located on to limit the amount of disk space the drive my search in order to locate the file(s) in query, thus minimizing head movement? Or, with indexing enabled, will it make little difference since the system has a record of where the file is located pre-existing?

Thanks in advance for any responses!

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June 29, 2012 1:33:53 PM

Are you looking to move data files or back them up? Two different things. Backup means to make a copy. As for your backing up your OS, create an image using Ghost or some tool like it. The whole thing with Master and Slave of a drive refers to IDE drives and how they interface to the computer and the disc controller. SATA does not use Master/Slave.
June 29, 2012 2:05:02 PM

SATA does not use Master/Slave.

Ok well that clears up most of my questions.

Are you looking to move data files or back them up?

Both. The new drive will have a partition at the beginning, to be used for storage of all non-system files and folders, and also a partition at the end to have my OS backups in order to store them on a separate physical drive, for obvious reasons. Backing up I understand, no issues there.. I will most likely just use Windows Backup for the simplest solution

How do you suggest I transfer the user files, folders and documents between drives though?