Silverstone and antec

im not really trying to make a vs but what brand over all makes the better psu's

im looking at the silverstone st1000p and antec tpq 1000

its kida both sides of psu's silverstone is fully modular and is single rail wile antec is 4 rail and semi modular

i know most ppl say single rail is better but i see more antec power supplies in gaming rigs than any other.

its for two 480s in sli i got 5 weeks till i order all my stuff and this is the final part i havent chosen.
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  1. There is nothing wrong with a good multi-rail PSU.

    The Antec is better and is a great PSU for the money.
  2. Both are very good Enhance built units.
    The SS can provide more of it's power to the 12v.
    I don't think you could go wrong with either.
  3. It depends on the model. Both brands have quality PSUs which I would buy and another ones that I wouldn't.
    Both PSUs you have selected have been made by the same manufacturer: Enhance Electronics, which is a good one.
    Anyway, in this case, I would go for the Silverstone Strider Plus 1000W. The +5V output is cleaner.
    In the database of my signature you can find some reviews about those two PSUs.
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