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OK so I have run into a problem that I can not troubleshoot on my own! This one is TOUGH!

My girlfriend downloaded a virus somehow onto my home built system. It was some ransomwhere (called ICPP ransomwear or something) that locked my desktop. I found an unlock key on an online forum that unlocked my desktop however my computer was still severely infected with all kinds of malware. While troubleshooting this problem my wireless keyboard and mouse stopped working. I rebooted and tried several different USB mice and several different USB and a ps/2 keyboard and nothing was worked.

No power to usb devices (ditto with ps/2 keyboard). Unable to access bios. Probably unable to input commands if I boot from a windows disk (haven't tried yet)

Can a virus cause physical damage to a motherboard? or somehow disable usb and ps/2 so that I can't even access bios settings?

Is this a virus and a bad motherboard simultaneously? (was yesterday really fri 13?)

I'm seriously frustrated. Was thinking of getting a pci USB port card (or whatever they are called)

What should I do?
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  1. UPDATE:

    The USB card worked. I was able to get into windows, run all my antivirus software. everything seems to be working just as it should. There is however still a small problem.. When plugged into the USB card my mouse and keyboard don't light up until windows has fully loaded. This means I can't get into my motherboards bios (which since I reset while troubleshooting, I need access too).

    Any suggestions?
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