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I recently bought a sapphire 5850 the normal verson not the toxic but instead of the reference card i have been given what looks like the same pcb and cooler as the toxic version, now i know this could be seen as a good thing but im just concerened whether i can still flash the bios to the msi version with the unlocked voltages. Because i tried this with a toxic card and made it into a paperweight would it have the same effect since it was ment to be a refernce card in the first place, or is there anyother way to unlock the voltage?
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  1. That card like many others has a voltage regulator chip that is not software voltage capable.
    Tech power up does really technical reviews of cards, they just did a new HIS 5870, it also comes with this non adjustable chip see here.
    uP6213 is an affordable voltage regulator, unfortunately it does not support the I2C interface, so software voltage control is not possible.
    I would NOT do this: Putting another bios on it from a different model can sometimes change the load and idle voltages but won't EVER give it adjustment ability.
  2. ^ Exactly. Hence why I'm out of luck with my 4870 :cry:
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