Razer Lachesis not responding after cold startup

I've encountered this problem lately, which is the Razer Lachesis Mouse doesn't respond upon a cold startup of the computer... The buttons responded, but you can't move the cursor. So I will have to unplug the mouse, and plug it in again! Does anyone out there experience this problem too? Am using the mouse on Windows 7 Home Premium, with the latest firmware and driver version of the Lachesis.

This only happens maybe 1 out of 3 times I start the PC. Usually when It happen I just unplug the mouse and plug it back in and it comes to life and moves around.

Would appreciate info on what might cause this and how to fix it even though it is just a mild annoyance.

Other than that my computer has no other problems. Keyboard, speakers, and everything else runs really great! =)

For now I emailed Razer, got the typical response. "Try a different port" and stuff I'd clearly tried before.

I'm on the verge of just going out and buying a Logitech.
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  1. have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling the driver?

    i had a problem like that with my mouse and that fixed the problem
  2. I fixed it.

    I just bought a Logitech MX518. I think that will fix the problem. LoL
  3. For all those who are interested. I found the reason why the Lachesis Mouse does not respond at cold start-up. Using the Windows 7 operating system 64 bit, I ran a program compatibilty on both the Lachesis Mouse and the Lycosa Keyboard. The program compatiblity software indicates that both the Lachesis Mouse and the Lycosa Keyboard are incompatible with the Windows 7 software. The program compatibility indicates the both the Lachesis Mouse and the Lycosa Keyboard are most compatible with Windows XP service pack 2. So if you perform a right mouse click on the Lachesis icon and click on the properties tab you are able to access the compatibility tab. Then set the compatibilty to Windows XP service pack 2. The cursor should activate consistently at each start-up.

    Best regards,

    Michael Sweeney
  4. what a load of tish... i have a lachesis mouse and it works fine in win 7 64 ulti. the only reason you could have compatibility problems is that you installed the wrong drivers for it.

    if you install the proper win7 drivers from razor then you should have no compatibility problems at all.
  5. It does same thing for me - randomly after starting windows I can only use keys, cursor won't move. If I unplug and plug in - this fixes the problem. Win7 x64
  6. I have the same issue as well on Win 7 Home prem x64, AND 7 ultimate x64. Yes i do have the latest drivers from razer. I will try the compatibility fix.
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