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I was copying files from my Buffalo external hard drive (older model) to a newer Toshiba portable hard drive last night but it never got completed. It stopped copying at about 40% into it. When I checked the Buffalo I could not find it. I turned it on and off, changed USB site connection to no avail. I could feel the vibration that it's trying to work. Also when I connect it to the computer, the PC recognized it with a sound that it's connected to something but it's not showing up as a choice of hard drive.
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  1. The drive may have failed. Try removing the drive from the enclosure and connect it directly to your system. You may need to dl and run diagnostics.
  2. I'm sorry how do I do that? Forgive me but I'm not that computer savvy. What exactly do you mean by removing the drive from the enclosure and connect it directly to your system? I should also clarify the sound i'm hearing from the external drive-there's no "humming sound" that I used to hear. Instead it's more like a sound when one is trying to start a car and it will try to but it won't. The sound stops when the key is turned back off. In this case, it continues to make a sound that way while it's on.
  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817153112

    You can buy one of these and not have to directly stick it in your PC. You'll have to still open up your Buffalo external hard drive though. Take the HD out and stick it in the docking station which is connected to your PC via USB.
  4. I do have a solution!!! a temporary one actually
    If u use XP, then right click on My Computer and click on MANAGE option
    a window will open
    there under STORAGE,click on DISK MANAGEMENT
    here u MAY find the SSD DRIVE
    so right and click open
    hope this works for u....
  5. Vista and Win 7 also have similar options I think under control panel, admin tool, System Configuration. If you buy a new HD and PC doesn't recognize it, then you have to go there and make it recognizable.
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