8800GTS 640MB, 240 GT GGDR5, or what?

Ok so after doing lots of searching I only got partial answers and still feel unsure. I'm looking for a cheap GPU to replace my old 8600 GTS that broke. I read that the 8800 GTS 640MB is better than the 240 GT but the 240 GT is better than any 8800 GT, is this accurate? I'm looking for the BEST card in performance and so far these 2 seem to be the best for my budget. Is there any other GPU that anyone can suggest that would be a better buy?

Summary: What's better in performance, 8800 GTS, 240 GT, or something else that's within a $120 price range?

If you need to know anything hardware wise, let me know ( I didn't think it was relevant to add ) thanks for any help and is much appreciated!
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  1. HD5770 is $135, and the performance is significantly above those two. Alternatively, an HD5750 or HD4850 would be better as well, HD5750 preferable.
  2. The Gt 240 is better than the GTS8800 640MB (G80) but worse than a 8800GT (G92).
    For less than $120 HD4850, GTS250 and HD5750 which is the newest but most expensive. All those cards are a lot better than GT240.
  3. Yup, for around $120, if u want to try ATI then HD5750 will be nice or if u want to stay with nvidia then get GTS250... :)
  4. Alot of good advice, except, where the hell are you guys getting your listing prices..? Most of the prices are anywhere from 10-30 more expensive than listed.

    Also, how come it seems like all the NVIDIA cards have less specs for more or same amount of money as ATI but are still comparable? Are there any real differences? Kind of a stupid question but oh well XD

    Other than that, I can only ask for more suggestions if there are any ( even small differences are appreciated ). Thanks again for the help!
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