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Hi, recently, I upgraded from 32 bit XP to windows 8 using the online download. Unfortunately, this gave me 32 bit Windows 8. I was looking through forums, and it appears that if I use a friends 64 bit windows 7 pc to download the iso file and put it on a flash drive/cd, I would be able to do a clean install on my computer, allowing 64 bit to work. This is all dependent on the product key that i used to install 32 bit Win 8 working again to be able to install the 64 bit upgrade. Will all of this work as planned? Thanks.
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  1. i dont think u will be able to use the key again u can contact microsoft and ask them for nother key or something else like that.
  2. A 64 bit processor is required to run 64 bit OS. If your XP only has 32 bit processor you can only install 32 bit OS
  3. I meant that I would do a clean install, wiping previous data completely. If you meant the actual specs of my processor, it is defiantly able to run 64 bit. (Its a i5-2400)
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