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what is best cpu cooler for lowest temps for my core 2 duo e6300
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  1. Can I ask what temps you're currently getting?

    I used to have the same CPU and it idled around 34C/50C underload, on a Thermaltake TR2.

    If you're thinking of getting a new CPU cooler, is it really worth spending $20-$30 on a new one when you're probably better off upgrading unless you plan to overclock that is.
  2. it idles around 40c and under load up to 55-60c
  3. i just want to bring these temps down and i dont overclock
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    Those temps look fine to me, especially with it being summer now and ambient temperatures are up.

    I wouldn't bother spending any money on it. I assume you're on a stock Intel cooler?
  5. thats is in a coolermaster storm scout case with 5 fans plus the stock cooler
  6. i was thinking about removing one of the side fans and getting a coolermaster hyper 212 what do you think
  7. I honestly would save your money and not bother, its running within specifications.

    Save up and upgrade the whole system because an E6300 is considered ancient now....
  8. yeah i know.i am planning on re doing the whole pc later on this year just have not decided what i want to go with.what cpu do you recommend for dvd ripping with dvd fab and dvd shrink and light gaming.i play spiderman web of shadows and batman arkyham asylum.thanks for your help i really appreciate this
  9. Scythe Mugen2 RevB. Universal CPU HSF. It's awesome, versitile, and can move with you in an upgrade, as socket 478, 775, 1156, or 1366 all work.
  10. thanks
  11. arctic cooling freezer 7 pro v2 used on mine e6600 oc from 2.4 to 3.0 no extra voltage very cool
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