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1 SSD (single drive) + 2 500gb HDD in Raid 0 SSD performance problem

Last response: in Storage
June 29, 2012 4:17:40 PM

Hi, so I decided to put my HDD's into RAID 0 and use my SSD as a boot drive (its a 60gb Sata 3 OCZ vertex III) Before this my SSD would do write speeds of 400+Mb/s and 80~Mb/s for compressed write (Used AS SSD benchmark) Now it caps at about 260 Mb/s Read and 75 Mb/s Write, since im using a raid array, is it bringing down the speeds of the SSD to Sata II speeds since I have 2 Hdd's that only support Sata II? Also windows seems to lock up here and this never happened when I did not have RAID setup. Last note I did install the AMD Raid drivers and have everyting up to date.
a c 167 G Storage
June 29, 2012 4:31:38 PM

Don't fight it.

Go back to individual non raid-0 hard drives.

Before you do, measure one of YOUR apps that you think should be able to take advantage of raid-0. There are not many.
Synthetic benchmarks bear little resemblance to what we actually do.

Then after separating the drives, rerun the apps and see if the difference in performance is important to you. I am betting not.