4770 CF vs 5770?

Should I go with 4770 Crossfire or 5770 right now and crossfire later? system specs are the following the Graphics are 5770 in this one. so which should i chose?
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    In the review of the launch of the 5770, they test a 4770 crossfire.
    Also TH did a good article on 4770 crossfire unbeatable at 220.,2446-12.html,2288.html

    4770 handles a 5850 up to 1920X resolution, not beyond because of the 512 memory.

    The only negative is NO dx11, I'm in the same boat as you. I might do it. I only game at 1680x right now. I can o/c 20%, which gives me pretty awesome frame rates in almost everything. But I would probably enjoy even more FPS and IQ !

    edit: If I was you , I would go 5850 or 4770 crossfire. I don't think the 5770 is enough of a upgrade for 160.00? Unless you have a buyer
    for your old card, right away.
  2. I would go with the HD5770 just because of the newer tech.
  3. No need to look back for the old tech, if u ask me, i would go with HD 5770, it will much better for a long term...
    If u can save more then grab a HD 5850... :)
  4. Thanks guys, especially notty22.
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