Looking for a high quality cheep pci-x video card old style

I need to upgrade an old IBM xSeries server that has the ol'e 8mb video on-board....any sugestions....Money is a huge factor....I'm broke...LoL! I have some great new boards to trade.
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  1. What kind of performance do you need?
    What are you doing with it?
    Price Range?

    A lot of questions but there are so many different things on the market, we gotta narrow it down ;)
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  3. Maybe the first question to ask is WHAT IBM SERVER MOTHERBOARD?... It really might help define the hardware options..
  4. server is an Ibm eserver 235 an I'd like to run some games that are out there ...I'm a flight simulator guy ....I might be asking too much but I love the redundency of these things. I have 5 73 gb hd's running and have been running vista believe it or not without problems even with 8mgs for video. I would die if there was a trip card for three moniters but I like my house and don't want to take out a second mort. My pocket wimpers about 30-50 i asking to little?...Thanks for your input...Mike
  5. Well I just want to remind you that old PCI cards tend to cost more than they're worth just because they're rare and expensive to keep in stock.

    While a bit out of your budget, I recommend you get:

    I think that's the only thing that's even remotely worth buying. However, don't expect much out of a PCI video card in general.
  6. Thanks for your input...I've seen some cards as high as $600 about having a heart attack...I could buy four of these computers for that price ! LOL! I'll check into that card it sound like a winner so far.....Mike
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    Don't get the 9400GT. The 9500GT is much, much better for gaming and the cost is very similar;
  8. Thanks again...looks like I can bring new life back to the video aspect of this baby!
  9. jyjjy said:
    Don't get the 9400GT. The 9500GT is much, much better for gaming and the cost is very similar;

    Good call, didn't know they made those!
  10. Hi folks...I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for your help in finding a video card. I stumbled on a ATI Sapphire r 7000 32 bit ddr pci vga/tvo/dvi-1 and let me tell ya something...its no tv but compared to the old 8mb vid its like night and day. I figure it will work until i get a little exra cash in my pocket to buy one of the other cards you guys told me about. I got this card for 8 bucks brand new...what a deal. Again thanks for all the input...youv'e been great!....Mike
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