Help wiring up my PC

I need a little help wiring up my PC. I am having trouble finding some of the stuff on my MoBo, I read the manual but I can't find the power button and reset button headers. Only 2 actually pressable buttons on the MoBo itself to turn it on.

Motherboard -

Case -
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  1. Oh ... the mobo manual DOES provide sufficient docs to "unravel the mystery" ...

    I would suggest two very bright reading lights, on either side of your build bench, and a LARGE magnifying glass and it helps to have some forceps or hemostats to retrieve any screws or jumpers, etc.

    If your docs do not explain it ... you must not have all the docs. ... Download to another computer.

    ... I seriously doubt that anyone else, here, will be able to walk you thru it, jumper by jumper.

    .... The hard power switch is actually on the PSU ... that mobo power jumper is for "soft power" and should not be required for test/build purposes.

    = Al =
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