Another DoA PSU...??

I went to Frys to get a PSU instead of waiting for Newegg to RMA. First thing I did was open it and plug it into outlet and turn it on, the PSU fan does not spin, please help.. I have been waiting almost 2 weeks to build this, but the stupid PSU won't go. Is it DoA or did I mess something up..
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  1. NVM. neither of the PSU are dead, i just jumped them and both fans turned on.. so it is a problem with my connection.
  2. DUDE !!!

    There are 100 (PLUS) reasons that can cause "no (or few) signs of life"

    Most likely? ... Did not hook up the CPU pwr connector (in addition to the 24 pin).

    next up? ... Standoffs shorting the mobo ... or no standoffs at all.

    I could go on and on and on ... etc .

    This checklist is your VERY BEST chance of getting up and running.

    Go thru the whole list ... DO each step ... TAKE NOTES (written) ... Be VERY deliberate and methodical.

    We are right here ... but that list gives us a "METHOD" and a "MAP" so we can eliminate, divide, and conquer (or isolate) the fault.

    Here ya go ... get a pencil and some paper ... Write down all knowns ... make no assumptions.

    If we are not systematic (methodical) .... well ... could be in limbo for a long time !

    = Al =
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