New Build Post With One Beep?

i bought a i7 2600k and a asus P8P67m-pro
i have 8 gb of patriot ddr3 pc3-12800 1600 (8-9-8-24) and two gtx 460 in sli
with corsair tx-950w psu

now when i booted up for the first time it al turned on then instantly resetand turned on
(which i guess was the MEMok working idk)
.it beeped once and the dram light flashed but it turns on no problem but i saw in the bios on the first boot that the memory was running at 1333 instead of 1600.

i check and cpu-z says it running at pc3-10700 with timings 6-6-6-20 instead of the 8-9-8-24.

now i have read that you can set the memory's voltage and timings in the bios manually but that might be the problem.
i have not updated my bios because i dont have a usb thumb drive yet to format to fat32 and update the bios without using the os

now if a crunch could i use the asus AI Suite ll to update the bios from windows because the motherboard manual says you should update to the newest bios if you have and dram compatibility problems and MEMok is used
(which is what i think scaled the timing back not sure about the voltage but i think it was rolled back from 1.65v to 1.5 (but no way to check cpu-z does say))

im also worried about setting the timing and suck manually with the old bios

im very confused this is my first build and any help would be appreciated
(p.s. of course i build my pc last night before this whole Sandy Bridge Debacle but i guess that's my Luck.)
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  1. if it helps the last 3 times ive restarted after update graphic driver ,ect .
    it always beeps one time from the pc speaker, just one quick beep but doesnt affect start-up at all.
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