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I am looking for another WD HDD 2.5GB or higher on a single disk. I will get 2 of these to make a RAID0. I currently have a RAID0 with 2x 2TB HDD WD's green

I am comparing the 2.5GB black to the 3GB Green but the only thing I see is that there is a 5 year warentee on the black but the speed is slower than the green but the green has 1 year warentee

which is faster and better?

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  1. get the green for performance.
  2. but the thing that concerns me is the warentee
  3. No, the black has an access time half that of the green. Access time is most important for speed. Normally on HDD you are waiting for file to be found. The max data rate of HDD and SSD are quite similar, but of course SSD are much faster because their access time is far, far faster.
  4. In general there is about 20% difference of speed data transfer so if you want more warranty go with black otherwise don't be afraid of warranty green is best.
  5. you can't go wrong either of them.
  6. depends on purpose of use. if its to store movies and images, green. if its for storing programs and games, black
  7. its for everything. seriously. im in IT and do alot of IT work too....

    i have the greens. working fine. but because I think there is an issue with one of them (and they are RAID0), i need to buy another pair and image the disks.
  8. stick with green.
  9. thanks. still not sure what happened earlier today to get a BSOD on NTFS.sys. first time in 2 years. and I was also about to host a meeting online....
  10. The black crushed the greens. Wouldn't use green for anything but media storage.
    If you're going to go RAID for performance, why would you use economy drives?
  11. because the green has 3TB size....and is faster
  12. It isn't faster - that site has bad info. See these links.

    Black you listed has 138MB/s sustained:

    Green you listed has 123MB/s sustained:
    http://www.compsource.com/pn/WD30EZRX/Western_Digital_480/Caviar-Green-Wd30ezrx-Hard-Drive/ (way down at bottom)

    Plus, the black has less than half the seek time and that goes a long way in overall speed and feel.

    What is your goal with these? Are you trying to store a ton of media? If so, raid 0 buys nothing and increases the chance of a complete loss. If you are doing video editing, it's better to have a scratch disk and completed disk since the transfers across the interface are faster than within the disk. If you are playing games, an SSD is going to crush a raid0 in level load times and overall system responsiveness.
  13. goal is an all in one system. it will be for media, for software development, for large processing and so on and so fourth so disk performance is a key.
    the green is cooler to run.... compared to the black (understandbly). I always back my system up anyway incase of such a failure.
  14. Well, if you like what you have stick with it :) still, the Blacks are faster in all respects at the cost of heat and more power draw so it's up to which factors are the most important to you.

    Good luck!
  15. i'd go with green every hardware not just same.
  16. Just a quick look at this thread.

    --> Doesn't WD say that the Blacks ARE NOT to be used in RAID config?

    --> They DO SAY that you are to use the RE4 model specifically for RAID.

    I believe this is the case.

    RE4 look at "Features" -- says raid-specific

    Difference between Desktop edition and RAID (Enterprise) edition drives:

    Look at "Critical" section on this page

    NB Specs on Black and RE are the same.

    Anyway, if RE are for RAID, then I would suspect to use RE4 as opposed to Greens.
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