HIS 5770 IceQ Turbo 1024MB or BFG GTX 275 OC 896MB

My faithful 3 year old 8800 GTS 640 gave out on me today. Going to replace it at microcenter tomorrow and these two cards are what I am deciding between. The 5770 is $200 and the gtx275 is $220. I am running an ASUS P5K motherboard (nforce chipset) with a 500W power supply (CPU is a Q6600).

Resolution: single monitor 1920x1200

Main Games: Source Engine Games, Mass Effect 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, Crysis

Advice is very welcome.
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  1. Also, while not a major competitor, there is the asus 5770 cucore.
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    The GTX 275 is faster than a 5770. Also, since you like Batman (a game that can use GPU PhysX) you may want to stick with NVidia. So, with all that in mind, I'd probably go with the 275.
  3. Crap, I think I'm going to come out of this thread looking noob. the 5770 is 2.1 and my mobo is 2.0. The BFG requires a 575 watt power supply
  4. a.) The slot doesn't matter. PCI-E's are backward compatible and 2.1 is almost exactly the same as 2.0. In terms of performance it is identical.

    b.) What is your PSU (Brand)? Could pick up a new one of those at MC too.
  5. It's a cooler master (22A on the +12v rail)

    I could pick up a PSU, but that would probably run another $70 for one that has 42A on the 12v rail like the BFG card asks for.
  6. 5770 uses about 90-115W at Max.

    GTX 275 is about 160-220W Max.

    So if you don't replace the PSU, I wouldn't get the 275.

    I ran a 4850 (115-150W Max) on a poor 550W, so the 5770 will probably work on your PSU. However, I suggest getting a new PSU if you can. If a PSU dies, there is a good chance it will take down other components with it.
  7. I'm a cheap bitch, would this PSU cut it?

    Quick Specs:
    +3.3V@24A; +5V@24A; +12V1@18A; +12V2@18A; +12V3@15A; -12V@0.5A;

    450 Watts combined +12v
  8. For 10 bucks more, should I be less cheap?

    I guess this is really rhetorical, going with the 275 gtx and the 700w semi-modular power supply.
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  10. If you go for a cheaper power supply, you will want extra headroom (like that 700W).
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