Blu ray problems

Hi guys, ive been helping my friend build his new pc and we finished it today.
Everything working perfectly until we tried to play a blu ray. Basically the drive will read the disc that came with the drive, but wont play DVDs or Blu ray discs. Im not very familiar with blu rays drives as this is my first time dealing with one. There is also a standard pioneer DVD drive installed, which runs Dvds fine.

List of installed components...

AMD Phenon II 955 Black
MSI AM3 790GX-G65
2x HIS 5770 ATI Graphics card (in crossfire)
Corsair 750TX 750watt PSU
WD 1TB Black
Corsair 4GB 2x2GB Ram

Samsung Blu Ray Player
Pioneer Drive

Using Window 7 Home Premium 64bit

Cheers for your help
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  1. Someone else may have a more definitive answer for you, but I'm thinking you're missing HDCP certification somewhere along the chain. HDCP is a copy protection scheme and each item that participates in the showing of a Blu Ray DVD (DVD player, Graphics card, monitor) must be HDCP certified in order for the signal to pass through each unit. I'm pretty sure your HIS 5770 is HDCP certified (cause I'm about to buy one) and the Samsung Blu Ray player would be also, so check that your monitor is HDCP certified. If it is, you may need to read the manual to find out how to connect and receive HDCP playback. I'm not absolutely sure, but it may also require the use of an HDMI cable.
  2. Thanks for your response,
    Some more information i didnt think of/know of at the time.

    I beleive it says format not recognised or similar when trying to play the disc.
    Also it is connected via a DVI-VGA adapter with VGA going to the monitor.

    This is the monitor
  3. Also, blu-ray playback requires 3rd party software (i.e. Windows Media Center/Player cannot play them).

    Your Samsung drive looks OEM which doesn't come bundled with the necessary player software. You'll need TotalMedia Theatre 3 Platinum, PowerDVD 10, or WinDVD Pro to play blu-ray disks.

    The drive should be able to play DVD's natively in Windows however, so there may be some other problem with the optical drive.
  4. Ah sorry, it was a retail drive, which came with powerdvd8, i assume that may be the problem.

    Thanks for your help, i am investigating the various players.
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